This is the website of the Foundation IT and Education or SITO with its Dutch abbreviation. The link between IT (information technology) and education is strong but still not always well understood. In the beginning IT was and is used to support the administrative processes in education. Secondly, IT supports education itself, ranging from new ways of providing information through training apps to simulations. The latest development is the provision of new learning techniques that only exist because IT enables them.

SITO aims at enhancing the understanding of this relationship between IT and education. It advises and develops products. Although IT appears to be everywhere in our society, many pupils, students, teachers and lecturers lack an overall understanding and limit themselves to what is at hand. This suboptimal use of IT in education results in waste and lack of recognition of advantages and opportunities. The latter include studying in line with individual learning styles. studying in one’s own environment and the updating of learning materials.

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