Encyclopedia of Culture

An overview of the theories on culture (as a way of thinking. feeling and acting of a group of people) may be found in the book Encclopedia of Culture.

The book is based on a mind-map of culture, which in turn was developed on the basis of the experience of over 1,000 students with living and working abroad. The mind-map also contains quotes by students and self-study exercises.

You may watch the promotion video of the book or read the table of contents to get a first  impression of the book.

If you live in the Netherlands or Belgium you may order the book here. In any other country you can order the book through the website on cultural competence.

Animated Videos on Culture

Key points on the theory, the aspects and impact of culture, as well as dealing with cultural difference are illustrated through animated videos on culture. They are available through the channel on cultural competence on YouTube and the hyperlinks below.

Presentations on Culture

You may download the following Powerpoint presentations on culture. Each is linked to a voice-over file, explaining the concepts on the sheets. Although the presentations follow a logical order on content, each presentation may be watched and listened to on its own.

E-books on Culture

The key points of the study of culture and their application have been summarised in 10 short e-books. These e-books are all based on the triangle model of culture, which in turn is based on the size of groups. The e-book on concepts explains this model in more detail.

  1. Definitions and Concepts
  2. National Cultures
  3. Multicultural Society
  4. Organisational Culture
  5. Teams and Projects
  6. Communication
  7. A Stay Abroad
  8. Working Internationally
  9. Cultural Competence