Our first products focus on culture, a way of thinking and acting of a group of people. This is a very necessary but rather neglected topic, involving us all on a daily basis. Necessary because the neglect has huge societal and financial consequences. Culture shows each of us how we are conditioned to the person we are, improves the effectiveness and efficiency of business through organisational culture (e.g. #MeToo), helps to understand multicultural society and supports us in all kinds of international contacts. If you take this broad perception you will recognise that culture has a key role to play in every discipline. At the same time even people for whom it is part of their job (e.g. human resources managers) hardly pay attention to it.

Our products in the field of culture enable you not only to study the topic but also to do so

in line with your own learning style. The basis is a mind-map of culture, which was developed through an analysis of over 1,000 papers by MA students in Maastricht. This mind-map was turned into the website www.culturalcompetence.eu. On this site each label of the mind-map has three icons, one for the literature on the topic in question, one with quotes and one with an exercise. The theoretical part was turned into the book Encyclopedia of Culture for those who like reading on a topic. 29 key elements became the topic of as many animated videos, available through the YouTube channel on cultural competence. The lessons on culture are available on this website through eight Powerpoint presentations with voice over. In addition 10 small e-books discuss topics of culture in a handsome way. An app on cultural competence is being developed.