SITO (Foundation IT and Education) promotes the use of IT in vocational and higher education. Teachers and lecturers make this possible. They are the gatekeepers, indicating the need, mediating the procurement and realising it in class. Many of them are quite willing, recognise the benefits for students and education and may have seen their colleagues using IT. However, they lack expertise and are afraid of unintended consequences. SITO may help to cross the threshold by providing information and decreasing uncertainty.

Another group of teachers and lecturers may be willing but lack the opportunity. A computer room may not be available, the school or university refuses to buy a group’s license, rules prohibit the prescription of licenses and so on. SITO may be a forum for them, assisting them in changing the circumstances. Even if national legislation appears to block the way forward, creative solutions may be found.

SITO also develops products that may be used in education. At this moment our focus is on internationalisation and culture because of the available expertise. However, we are open for co-operation. As a foundation SITO is not a commercial party and only needs to cover its costs.

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